A pinch of Italy on the way to Calfornia.
Taste of France on a flight to New York.
Take an English pub to Chicago.
Fly in a Manhattan Penthouse.

We have completely un-domesticated domestic air travel.
Starting in April, when you fly from New York or Chicago to California (or back), you can fly one of our new "Foreign Accent" flights!
But you won't know which till one of these gorgeous creatures welcomes you aboard.
Now that kind of makes routine air travel not so routine, doesn't it?

The flights come in four styles with hostesses to match:  Italian style (see toga), French style (see gold mini), Ole English (see wench), and Manhattan Penhouse (see hostess pajamas - After all,
hostesses should look like hostesses, right?)

On board, you'll find a whole new atmosphere.  Foreign music.  Foreign magazines and newspapers.  Foreign touches all around.

And the best in foreign cuisine.  Yes, you may still enjoy steak cooked to order.  That's a TWA specialty.

All in all, TWA's new "Foreign Accent" flights bring you the best the world has to offer.

And if you're bored with routine air travel as we think you are, you're ready for it.

Call us, Or Mr. Information (your travel agent).  He knows all about it.  P.S. Get ready in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington!  "Foreign Accent" is coming soon!