For stetching our, leaning back and all-around comfort,
try our wide-bodied Friend Ships on for size.
Another reason more people choose the friendly skies
than any other airline in the land.
Any man who spends his working days squeezing
through tight situations appreciates the roominess of
United's wide-bodied 747 and DC-10 Friend Ships.
Wide seats.  A wide choice of meals.  A wide selection
of stereo entertainment.  Even movies on selected
flights (small charge in Coach.)
There's even our Inflight Service Supervisor, with all
the forms and schedules to smooth out your
last-minute changes in plans.
But most important, there's a wide choice of flights.  
Because we offer these comfortable, wide-bodied
planes to 18 cities across this land.
Come share all the comfort of our big DC-10's and
747's whenever you get the chance.
Call United for reservations and ticketing.  Or, see
your travel agent.